1 company.
pequeña y mediana empresa small and medium-sized business
libre empresa free enterprise
empresa conjunta joint venture
empresa filial subsidiary
empresa matriz parent company
empresa privada private company
la empresa privada the private sector
empresa pública public sector firm
la empresa pública the public sector
empresa de trabajo temporal temping agency
empresa de transportes haulage firm
2 enterprise, undertaking.
se embarcó en una peligrosa empresa he embarked on a risky enterprise o undertaking
* * *
nombre femenino
1 (compañía) firm, company
2 (dirección) management
3 (acción) undertaking, venture
empresa filial subsidiary company
empresa matriz parent company
empresa multinacional multinational company
empresa naviera shipping company
libre empresa free enterprise
* * *
noun f.
1) company, corporation, firm, business
2) undertaking, venture
* * *
1) (=tarea) enterprise

empresa libre — free enterprise

empresa privada — private enterprise

2) (Com, Econ) (=compañía) firm, company

pequeñas y medianas empresas — small and medium-sized companies

empresa colectiva — joint venture

empresa de seguridad — security company

empresa de servicios públicos — public utility company

empresa de trabajo temporal — temp recruitment agency

empresa fantasma — dummy company

empresa filial — affiliated company

empresa fletadora — shipping company

empresa funeraria — undertaker's, mortician's (EEUU)

empresa matriz — parent company

empresa particular — private company

empresa pública — public sector company

3) (=dirección) management

la empresa lamenta que ... — the management regrets that ...

* * *
a) (compañía) company, firm (BrE)

empresa filial — subsidiary company

b) (dirección) management

la empresa no se hace responsable — the management cannot accept liability

2) (tarea, labor) venture, undertaking
* * *
a) (compañía) company, firm (BrE)

empresa filial — subsidiary company

b) (dirección) management

la empresa no se hace responsable — the management cannot accept liability

2) (tarea, labor) venture, undertaking
* * *
1 = business [businesses, -pl.], commercial firm, company, corporation, firm, business enterprise, outfit, business interest, business firm, industrial firm, commercial enterprise, operating company.
Nota: Perteneciente a un grupo.

Ex: To a small or mid-sized business, information is critical for effective planning, growth and development.

Ex: Difficulties over access to these can arise when research project has been financed by a scientific organization or commercial firm who have an interest in maintaining security.
Ex: Among the companies offering 'Mice' are Microsoft, Vision and Apple, but more are anticipated.
Ex: The main form of knowledge transfer and the basis for decision making within corporations has not been a paper, a document or a detailed report, but a set of overhead slides and the discussions around them.
Ex: The European Development Fund finances projects in overseas countries for which European-based firms can supply equipment and know-how.
Ex: The 'Books at work' project in Kalmar in southern Sweden is the result of collaboration between trade unions, business enterprises and the public library.
Ex: The author compares the advantages and disadvantages of buying from the larger established companies and smaller outfits.
Ex: As an example, the University of Hawaii libraries have installed an online catalogue on which they will hang a special assortment of databases that are needed by Hawaii and Pacific business interests.
Ex: Collection and preservation of records is an expensive pursuit and the task of persuading cost conscious business firms that they ought to preserve their records is an unenviable one.
Ex: In libraries serving industrial firms, for example, the cost of not finding information may be high; this is why 'hard headed businessmen' add to their overheads by paying for extensive library services.
Ex: Some commercial enterprises subsidise satellite communications for academic institutions.
Ex: In the future, these files will be made readily accessible to other Glaxo operating companies through the use of computers.
* a cuenta de la empresa = at company expense.
* administración de empresas = business administration.
* admnistrador de empresa = firm administrator.
* archivo de empresa = business archives.
* biblioteca de empresa = commercial library, industrial library, corporate library, company library, business library.
* bibliotecario de empresa = industrial librarian.
* comida de empresa = company dinner.
* como las empresas = business-like.
* conglomerado de empresas = conglomerate.
* contratación de personal cualificado de otras empresas = lateral hiring.
* curso mixto de clases y práctica en la empresa = sandwich course.
* dejar la empresa = jump + ship.
* de la propia empresa = company-owned.
* de toda la empresa = systemwide.
* director de empresa = company director.
* directorio de empresas en base de datos = corporate directory database, company directory database.
* documentación de empresas = business record.
* empresa afiliada = sister company.
* empresa comercial = commercial agency, commercial vendor, commercial business, business firm.
* empresa con solera = established player.
* empresa consolidada = established player.
* empresa constructora = property developer.
* empresa consumada = established player.
* empresa de búsqueda personalizada de ejecutivos = headhunter.
* empresa de cobro de deudas = debt collection agency.
* empresa de contabilidad = accounting firm.
* empresa dedicada a la venta por correo = mail order company.
* empresa dedicada al desarrollo de productos = product developer.
* empresa dedicada a los sondeos de opinión = polling firm, polling agency.
* empresa dedicada al proceso del cereal = corn processor.
* empresa de grandes derroches = high roller.
* empresa de investigación = research firm.
* empresa de la limpieza = cleaning firm.
* empresa de liempza = cleaning business.
* empresa de limpieza = janitorial business.
* empresa de medios de comunicación = media company.
* empresa de mudanzas = mover.
* empresa de nuestro grupo = sister company, sister organisation.
* empresa de nueva creación = this sort of thing, startup [start-up].
* empresa de ordenadores = computer company.
* empresa de reparto de paquetes = package delivery company.
* empresa de seguridad = security firm.
* empresa de servicios = service organisation, service agency, service company.
* empresa de servicios de información = information broker, broker, information broking.
* empresa de servicio social = social utility.
* empresa de servicios públicos = public utility, utility company.
* empresa de solera = established player.
* empresa de telecomunicaciones = computer bureau.
* empresa de trabajo = industrial affiliation.
* empresa de un grupo = operating company.
* empresa de viajes = travel company.
* empresa en la que sólo pueden trabajar empleados que pertenezcan a un sindic = close shop.
* empresa farmacéutica = drug company.
* empresa filial = subsidiary company.
* empresa hipotecaria = mortgage company.
* empresa industrial = industrial firm.
* empresa organizadora de congresos = conference organiser.
* empresa privada = private vendor, private company, private business, private firm.
* empresa pública = civilian employer, public firm.
* empresas americanas, las = corporate America.
* empresa sindicada = union shop.
* empresa televisiva = television company.
* empresa transportadora = shipper, shipping agent.
* en toda la empresa = company-wide, systemwide.
* específico de las empresas = company-specific.
* fusión de empresas = consolidation.
* gasto de empresa = business expense.
* gestión de empresas = business management.
* grupo de empresas = business group.
* guardería de la empresa = workplace crêche.
* información sobre empresas = business intelligence.
* intranet de empresa = corporate intranet.
* libro de empresa = organisation manual.
* mercado de la empresa = corporate market.
* mundo de la empresa = business world.
* mundo de la empresa, el = corporate world, the.
* mundo de las empresas = business environment.
* página web de empresa = business site, corporate site.
* para toda la empresa = company-wide, enterprise-wide.
* partícipe en la empresa = corporate insider.
* patrocinado por la propia empresa = company-sponsored.
* pequeña empresa = small business.
* persona de la propia empresa = insider.
* programa de prácticas en la empresa = internship program(me), internship.
* programa mixto de clases y práctica en la empresa = sandwich programme.
* propiedad de la empresa = company-owned.
* PYME (Pequeña y Mediana Empresa) = SME (Small and Medium Sized Enterprise).
* que afecta a toda la empresa = enterprise-wide.
* sitio web de empresa = business site, corporate site.
* trabajador cualificado contratado de otra empresa = lateral hire.
* ya parte de la empresa = on board.

2 = enterprise, scheme, venture, quest, operation, undertaking.

Ex: Only those who have attempted to edit the proceedings of a conference can appreciate the magnitude and scope of such an enterprise.

Ex: There are forty-six centres in twenty-five countries participating in the scheme.
Ex: However rudimentary or advanced the system, and no matter what the age of the children involved, certain matters should be considered before setting out on the venture.
Ex: It is a quest without a satisfactory conclusion - a holy grail of librarianship.
Ex: When he was younger he really turned the library around, from a backwater, two-bit operation to the respected institution it is today.
Ex: Since the file from 1966-1975 contains some 2,500,000 references, a search of the complete data base is a fairly large-scale undertaking.
* empresa descabellada = fool's errand.
* empresa próspera = success story.

* * *
1 (compañía) company, firm (BrE)
empresa filial subsidiary company
mediano, pequeño1 (↑ pequeño (1))
2 (dirección) management
la empresa no se hace responsable de … the management cannot accept liability for …
libre1 (↑ libre (1))
empresa debutante
empresa de servicios públicos
public utility company, public utility
empresa mecenas
sponsors (pl) (of an artistic event)
empresa privada
private sector company
empresa pública
public sector company
empresa tiburón
empresa unipersonal
masculine and feminine (Ur) self-employed person, sole trader (BrE)
B (tarea, labor) venture, undertaking
nos hemos embarcado en una arriesgada empresa we've undertaken a risky venture
pereció en la empresa (liter); she perished in the attempt (liter)
* * *


empresa sustantivo femenino
1 (compañía) company, firm (BrE);
empresa pública public sector company

2 (tarea, labor) venture, undertaking
empresa sustantivo femenino
1 Com Ind company, firm
empresa pública, state-owned company
2 (proyecto, tarea) undertaking, task: es una empresa muy arriesgada, it's a very risky venture
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* * *
empresa nf
1. [sociedad] company;
pequeña y mediana empresa small and medium-sized business;
prohibido fijar carteles: responsable la empresa anunciadora [en letrero] post o stick no bills: advertisers will be held liable
empresa común joint venture;
empresa conjunta joint venture;
empresa filial subsidiary;
empresa funeraria undertaker's;
empresa júnior junior enterprise, = firm set up and run by business studies students;
empresa libre, libre empresa free enterprise;
empresa matriz parent company;
empresa mixta mixed company;
empresa privada private company;
empresa pública public sector firm;
empresa punto com dot.com (company);
empresa de seguridad security firm;
empresa de servicio público public utility, US public service corporation;
empresa de servicios service company;
empresa de trabajo temporal Br temping o US temp agency;
empresa de transportes Br haulage o US trucking firm;
Urug empresa unipersonal sole trader, one person business
2. [dirección] management;
las negociaciones con la empresa the negotiations with management
3. [acción] enterprise, undertaking;
se embarcó en una peligrosa empresa he embarked on a risky enterprise o undertaking
* * *
1 company;
gran empresa large company;
pequeña empresa small business;
mediana empresa medium-sized business
2 fig
venture, undertaking
* * *
empresa nf
1) compañía, firma: company, corporation, firm
2) : undertaking, venture
* * *
empresa n
1. (entidad) company [pl. companies]
una empresa naviera a shipping company
2. (negocio) business [pl. businesses]
una empresa familiar a family business

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